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Youth’s Role in Agriculture and Traditional Knowledge Transfer

Youth’s Role in Agriculture and Traditional Knowledge Transfer Two months have passed since completing my semester in North India. Enough time has now passed so that I feel detached enough from the horrifying-at-the-time independent study project (one month to research and create a thesis-grade piece of work) that I can now post the 42-page outcome of my month in Himachal Pradesh. For … Continue reading


CORD: Sidhbari

CORD: Sidhbari The Chinmaya Mission is an international NGO originating in India. I stayed at the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development in Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh, for two weeks as part of a school assignment. This is quite the hard-core non-profit and let’s say I had my share of challenges as a non-Hindi speaking, foreign female … Continue reading



Today I’d like to chat about 1991. This is the year the number of  computers on the net reached 1 million! The year Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC! The year Freddie Mercury passed on. The year Apartheid was dismantled and Jeffrey Dahmer was captured.  Also, It was the year the USSR was … Continue reading